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2020 Wellbeing Challenges

Our comprehensive suite of challenges allows you to choose topics that are important to your audience, and they work hand-in-hand with additional portal resources to holistically address a person’s entire wellbeing.

  • We create new challenges each year to make sure your employees receive a fresh user experience and up-to-date information.

  • Every challenge includes a communication campaign to encourage enrollment and weekly newsletters with wellbeing education to maintain engagement.

  • How to participate varies by challenge and Power of 8 category. Whether you’re looking to increase activity levels, assist your audience with stress management, operate a hybrid challenge or focus on any other aspect of a person’s wellbeing, our challenge library has you covered.


Our Wellbeing Philosophy: The Power of 8

Our library of wellbeing challenges (and additional resources hosted on our easy-to-administer platform) adhere to our Power of 8 philosophy, which we provide resources that assist with the eight key pillars of wellbeing: Purpose, Physical, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Social, Balance, Financial and Community.

2020 Challenges

Personal Challenges

Participants have 24/7 access to our library of personal challenges, or we can offer a selection based on your particular audience needs. Help your participants focus on their wellbeing and topics important to them!


Add a Give Back Feature to Your Challenge

Want to help your audience and your community? A give back option can be added to your challenge in a way that uniquely reflects your company culture:

  • Donate to a charity of choice if your audience hits a total step count goal.

  • Purchase water bottles that provide a donation to to reinforce the value of proper hydration.

  • Kick off your challenge by volunteering in the community as a group.


We’d love to help you determine the right Give Back approach for you. It’s actually one of our company Family Values (#10: Give Back).

Personal Challenges
Give Back
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