The Navigate Difference

Our vision is to spread optimism and to better the lives of our employees, our customers and the communities we serve.
And through our efforts, inspire others to do the same.

For over 10 years, we have assisted organizations by connecting their business goals, mission and values with their wellbeing opportunities for employees. By configuring our flexible platform to your needs, audience and budget, we create a positive, engaging experience that motivates participants on their personal journey to healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.


Power of 8

Our Wellbeing Philosophy:

Our platform, it’s many tools and features, and our annually updated group challenges are all based on our Power of 8 philosophy, which means we provide resources that address the eight key pillars of wellbeing: Purpose, Physical, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Social, Balance, Financial and Community.


Why is this so important?

Why is this so important? Because wellbeing is about more than exercise and nutrition. All of these areas are related, and disrupting one has ripple effects across all aspects of a person’s wellbeing:

As your audience completes challenge tasks and other program activities, they will engage with the portal and in friendly competition with one another, enhancing their health and reinforcing your company’s focus on employee wellbeing.

Our Family Values

Every company and community should be able to afford resources that enhance their culture of wellbeing. We happily provide those resources to companies of all sizes because we are driven by the heartbeat of our company: our family values.


Community Give Back
and Sherman the Squirrel

We are honored to help local communities and to partner with clients who do the same. Learn more about implementing options for community give back into your program, review the impact our programs have made for our clients and meet our Ambassador of Do Good Things, Sherman the Squirrel.

Our Ambassador of Do Good Things, Sherman the Squirrel, is honored to help local communities and to partner with clients who do the same.

Navigate is an employee engagement technology company helping organizations create more health and happiness in the employees, clients, and communities they serve.

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