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10 Ways to Help Your Office Go Green on Earth Day

“Going Green” is nothing new, but some homes and offices have yet to jump onboard. Since it’s Earth Day, we’ve compiled a list of 10 easy ways to be more eco-friendly in the office. Not only does this reduce your environmental impact, but you can save money and cultivate a healthier and more motivated workplace at the same time.

1. Go Digital: Many companies are ditching the paper filing system and making the switch to digital files. If you’re able to make the change, dispose of the old papers by shredding sensitive information and recycling it properly. While you reduce your paper usage, you also boost your ability to store safe, secure information: a win-win.

2. Telecommute: Many companies have (or are implementing) a “work from home” policy that allows employees to focus in the comfort of their own home, usually with certain guidelines and restrictions. Utilize this perk to reduce your carbon emissions and eliminate the stress of sitting in traffic, at least for a day.

3. Walk It Out: Even if you can’t work from home, change up your mode of transportation by walking or riding your bike to work instead. If that’s not possible, try public transportation or ride-sharing.

4. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle): If you’re staying in for lunch, switch out your plastic bags and bottles for reusable containers and washable water bottles.

5. Go Green: Add some color and improve your air quality at the same time by incorporating some plants in the office décor.

6. Don’t Be Trashy: If it doesn’t already, encourage your office to invest in some recycling bins. Sounds simple enough, yet some offices still don’t utilize these. If you already have bins, make sure to take the guesswork out of it and label the bins clearly.

7. Part with the Plastic: It’s time to replace disposable kitchen items. We’re looking at you, plastic utensils! Try upgrading to re-usable plates and utensils or encourage co-workers to bring their own from home.

8. Shed Some Light on it: Does your office have large windows? During the day, cut down on the harsh fluorescent lighting and open the blinds to let in some natural light. Swapping harsh fluorescent lighting for the sun will cut down on stress, and it can also boost productivity and overall employee mood. Not to mention it will help keep your plants alive longer.

9. ZZZ: Enable sleep mode/power saving mode on your computer and other electronic devices, and make sure you turn everything off at night. This goes for the office lights as well. If your office has trouble remembering to shut down at the end of the day, suggest upgrading to timed or motion-activated lights.

10. Buy Local: Support the local businesses in your community and purchase office supplies or food from them directly. This is an easy way to reduce air pollution and support your community!

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