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Feel the Love: New Resources for Navigate Clients

These are tough times for everyone. To help our clients and their participants nurture their wellbeing, we’re sending some extra love over the next several weeks.

Virtual care packages for employers

Human resources (HR) and benefit teams are facing a lot of new and unprecedented challenges right now. With the added stress, it’s critical for them to take care of themselves—so they can continue taking care of others.

We hope our new “virtual care packages” will help. They’ll include free tools, resources and ideas for self-care. Based on our Power of 8, each module in the virtual care package will include resources and strategies HR and benefit teams can use to focus on their own physical, emotional and mental wellbeing during this trying time. And clients can pass this along to participants for their benefit as well.

Clients can contact their Navigate Account Manager to learn more about the virtual care packages.

For Navigate Clients*: Free resources for 90 days

Navigate clients* will have free, 90-day access to several wellbeing resources for their participants. The resources include personal challenges, the new Snap Challenge creator and more!

Personal challenges

Our library of personal challenges meets participants wherever they are on their wellbeing journey. The challenges address each of our Power of 8 categories: Purpose Physical, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Social, Balance, Financial and Community.

New Snap Challenge tool

This new, easy-to-use tool lets participants create their own friendly steps, activity or weight challenges. And they can invite others to join!

The Snap Challenges are a fun, healthy way to keep colleagues connected with each other while working from home. And it doesn’t require any extra work from program admins.

It’s easy for participants to use the Snap Challenges. Participants simply invite users, review the challenge information and hit submit. Then invited participants receive an email—and the challenge runs itself.

Survey tools

Need to check in on the wellbeing of your employees? We’ve created an insight survey to help you gauge impact of current events, assess how your workforce is adapting and identify resource needs. Topics include communication/social connections, state of mind, organizational support and personal insight.

Financial wellbeing resources

Money is (of course) a big worry for a lot of people right now. We hope our timely video learning resources—from USA Today columnist and financial expert Peter Dunn—will help to ease some of their concerns.

Clients can contact their Navigate Account Manager to learn more about these resources.

We’re here to help

Navigate is happy to help communicate these resources to their participants. In the meantime, if you have any questions (or if you’re not a current Navigate client), feel free to call us at 888-282-0822.

*These resources are being made available to clients with Fundamental, Enhanced and Optimized packages. If you have any questions about whether a client qualifies, please contact your Navigate sales representative.

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