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Get the Most out of Your Q4 Updates

Your Navigate toolkit got an extra boost in the fourth quarter of last year with several new features and tools. Since the end of the year can be a bit of a blur (thanks, holidays!), we thought you might appreciate a quick review of what’s new—and how you can use these new features to make your wellbeing program even better.

New: Best Practices for Incentive Activities

Offering incentives for healthy activities is a great way to encourage participants to take their wellbeing to the next level.

The incentive table is offered at the Optimized product level and offers some great tools and resources. But it can still be tough to know which activities you should build into your wellbeing program.

That’s why we added recommendations and best practices for required activities.

If you’re an administrator, these guidelines can help you determine:

  • Where you are in your wellbeing program (beginner, intermediate or advanced)

  • Which (and how many) activity requirements may be right for your program.

If you’d like more guidance on choosing requirements, we’re here to help.

Just contact your Navigate account manager.

New: Admin Dashboard

If you operate the platform for your employee wellbeing program, you’ll love our new Admin Dashboard! In near-real time, it lets you see:

  • Who’s participating in your program

  • How many participants have completed each activity on the incentive tracking table

  • Event sign-ups

  • Wellbeing survey results by category

  • Mobile usage

  • Total step counts, activity minutes, ounces of water consumed and more

Sharing data from the Admin Dashboard is a snap. You can easily export reports and images to save, print or use in PowerPoint.

New: Digital Learning

Help your participants identify and address their personal health risks with our new digital learning courses. These easy-to-understand, even-easier-to-use video courses guide your participants to enhanced wellbeing with engaging information provided by Navigate’s wellbeing experts.

Four employee wellbeing courses are available now (with more launching in the coming months):

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition

  • Heart Health

  • Weight Management

Each course consists of eight videos of eight to 10 minutes each—with eight associated quizzes. Participants join the course on their wellbeing portal. They need to watch the video and pass the quiz before moving on to the next video.

New: Pulse Survey

Want to gather participant feedback about absolutely anything related to your workplace wellbeing program? Our new Pulse Survey feature makes it easy. These short, bite-sized surveys can be built and displayed at any time. And you can ask whatever you’d like.

Use the Pulse Survey for in-the-moment feedback. Or track participant responses to the same question over time to identify trends. The surveys are conveniently and seamlessly integrated into your user portal, so participants won’t need to dig through emails to find them.

The tool’s reporting features make it easy to analyze results. You can sort and review responses, monitor audience feedback and gather actionable data.

New: Event Scheduler

Using multiple systems to coordinate event registration can be frustrating for wellbeing program administrators and participants. Navigate’s new event scheduler is designed to alleviate this problem.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Administrators use the tool to set up enrollment on the platform.

  2. Participants can browse upcoming events, access events they’ve already enrolled in and review past events from their dashboard.

  3. Selecting an event allows participants to review more details and enroll or cancel as necessary.

  4. After enrolling, the system will automatically send a confirmation to the email address on file.

New: Photo Gallery

Here’s a fun, easy way to promote your wellbeing program and strengthen your organization’s wellbeing culture. With the new photo gallery feature (located on the homepage), you can add photos from your organization’s wellbeing events and activities for everyone to see!


If you have any questions about these new features (or about any other aspect of your program), please let us know. We love helping our clients—and hearing your questions and feedback helps us improve your program.

Reach out to your Navigate Wellbeing Solutions account manager at any time.

Or call us at (888) 282-0822.

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