Take a Holistic Approach to Wellbeing with the Power of 8

Our recent posts focused on mental health and our motto of Doing Good Things, in part because spring is a perfect time to relax, refresh, get outside and get involved. But the coming months, we’ll take a look at other aspects of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

It’s all part of our Power of 8 wellbeing philosophy, which is a fancy way of saying we understand the importance of addressing the eight key pillars of comprehensive wellbeing: Purpose, Physical, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Social, Balance, Financial, and Community.

All areas of a person’s health are related, and disrupting one has ripple effects across all aspects of a person’s wellbeing—that’s why it’s so important to keep holistic resources within arm’s reach. Click here to learn more about the Power of 8 and how our affordable platform provides effective, holistic resources configured to the needs of your audience.


Navigate is an employee engagement technology company helping organizations create more health and happiness in the employees, clients, and communities they serve.

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