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United Way partners to launch free online resource — Powered by Purpose


Wednesday, September 23, 2020 2:29 PM

Social distancing, canceled events and closed businesses have magnified everyday factors like job satisfaction, family dynamics and health. Even before the pandemic, a Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index survey showed that 2 out of 3 Central Iowans struggle with their own sense of purpose. 

For those reasons, United Way of Central Iowa has partnered with Navigate Wellbeing Solutions; EthOs, a division of Holmes Murphy; and Project Iowa to develop a free online initiative called Powered by Purpose. The goal is to increase awareness of the role that purpose plays in well-being and to encourage residents throughout the region to discover their own purpose in life. 

The new platform offers free, purpose-focused articles, blogs, podcasts, community resources and a list of local events to help individuals and businesses discover purpose and learn more about the role it plays in life and work.

“Taking the time to think about your purpose can seem like a privilege to some, but it’s really critical for all,” said Erin Drinnin, United Way of Central Iowa community impact officer of health. 

Drinnin noted that purpose is the most influential category in the well-being index, affecting all five areas measured: career, social, community, financial and physical. “When we have purpose, we improve all other aspects of our health and well-being, including better sleep, lower risk of disease and death, and more satisfaction in our jobs.” 

Additionally, Powered by Purpose offers an online eight-week “Purpose Journey” through a portal created by Navigate Wellbeing. The journey offers weekly thought-provoking questions, a self-assessment on strengths, and activities to guide participants as they work toward an end goal of creating their own purpose statement. The Purpose Journey is free and available to anyone with internet access.

“We believe every person in our community has the right to understand their own purpose – and we all have a purpose,” Drinnin said. “But it’s even more important that people incorporate purpose into their everyday lives – how they relate to others, how they work and how they base their decisions off their sense of purpose is critical to improving their overall sense of well-being. We want to offer ways to help them do that.”

United Way of Central Iowa and partners launched Powered by Purpose on Sept. 16 with the website. Registration for the Purpose Journey is open and accessible through the website. The online Purpose Journey will begin on Oct. 19 and offer weekly activities through Dec. 11.

Visit for more information on purpose and to join the Purpose Journey.

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