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Coronavirus (COVID-19) CRISIS CARE

Project Care

We are in this together

In these uncertain times, maintaining your company culture isn’t easy. One way to help is consistent messaging that conveys your values as a company and your concern for your employees’ wellbeing.


We have gathered a few helpful tools and resources to assist you in connecting with your workforce and letting them know you care.

Virtual Care Packages

Based on our Power of 8, each module contains resources and strategies you can use to focus on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing during this trying time.
Virual Care



Navigate clients* will have free 90-day access to participant tools and wellbeing resources. 

  • Personal Challenges

  • Snap Challenge Creator Tool

  • Survey Tools

  • Financial Wellbeing Resources

*These resources are being made available to clients with Fundamental, Enhanced and Optimized packages. If you have any questions about whether a client qualifies, please contact your Navigate sales representative.

Client Resources



We all need a little assistance in times of crisis. Learn more about how to cope in all areas of your wellbeing.

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How to help your employees through the coronavirus crisis
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Put Purpose at the
Core of Your Strategy
4 Ways to Build
Organizational Resilience
5 Predictions About How Coronavirus Will Change The Future Of Work
Care Insights

Let's build an

even brighter future together

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