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Speaker Series

More information on the 2021 Speaker Series coming soon!

We miss each of you. And while we wish we could see you in person for our annual Summit, we care more about bringing you resources we hope will help during an inordinately difficult year.  

You’re our heroes. You're busy looking out for your employees, our communities, front-line workers, health care givers, teachers, and families – but who’s looking out for you?  Well, we are and this is for you. 

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Bob Goff

NYT Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Founder

Dream Big! An inspirational chat to quit looking for permission to put wheels on your ambitions.

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Peter Dunn

Chief Executive OfficerYour Money Line® and Hey Money®

Finding Stability and Balance During Financial Chaos. There has never been a better time to evaluate your financial life.


Abbey Curran

Former Miss Iowa and Founder of Miss You Can Do it for young girls and women with special needs

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Kent Bradley

Senior Executive, Health and Wellbeing Advocate, Strategic Advisor

A Conversation on Beliefs. Actions are the window into what we believe.


Jeremy Knipper

Vice President of  Technology

What's New at Navigate. A look back at accomplishments, trends for 2021 and a look ahead.


Rosie Ward

Rehumanizing Workplaces & Supporting People to Show Up as Brave Leaders, regardless of their role


Eddie Moore Jr

Founder/Consultant AT America & MOORE, LLC

America Is Changing: Are You Ready?

A quick talk highlighting the changing dynamics of diversity, inclusion and skill building.


Ross Szabo

Wellness Director at Geffen Academy at UCLA and CEO at Human Power Project

Utilizing Mental Health to Thrive in a Workplace

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Meredith Laurence

The Blue Jean Chef, Author and TV Personality

Cooking Class

Download Recipes:

  • Cranberry-Orange Sauce

  • Cranberry Apple Brie Bites

  • Cranberry Energy Bites


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Session: Singer-songerwriter Event

Cameron Bedell & Emily Shackelton

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We believe one person has the power to make a big difference, which is why we are passionate about bringing together our family of clients each and every year. It’s what our Summit is all about—recharging your personal inspiration, discussing industry insights and innovations, and assisting companies as they Do Good Things for their employees.   


We'd love to here your topic and speaker suggestions

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