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The 12th Annual Navigate Summit


July 14-16  I  DSM2020

Space is Limited!


We’ve been to Boulder, Napa and Nashville, and this year we are inviting you to our home: the DSM! If you have experienced our Summit before, then you know bringing you to our hometown is something special to us. So, thank you! We promise that your experience will be filled with a little Iowa Flavor.


Join us and we’ll show you a few hidden gems inside the local experience as you learn to enhance your wellbeing strategy, support your company culture and find new ways to live a life of wellbeing on purpose.

Click here for an update on COVID-19 Impact on the 2020 Navigate Summit


We believe one person has the power to make a big difference, which is why we are passionate about bringing together our family of clients each and every year. It’s what our Summit is all about—recharging your personal inspiration, discussing industry insights and innovations, and assisting companies as they Do Good Things for their employees.   


We are excited to reveal our expert keynote and session speakers

– the list continues to grow! Look for more announcements soon.


Abbey Curran

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Non-Profit Marketing, Donor Development & Fundraising -

Author, Speaker, and Leader for Foundations and Associations


Ross Szabo

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CEO of the

Human Power Project


Rosie Ward, Ph.D.

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CEO and Co-Founder

of Salveo Partners


Top 5 Reasons to Attend

"This Summit is hands down one of the best summits I’ve ever attended because of the care that’s given to the participants."


What keeps me coming back to the Summit is that it fills my soul. It give me the energy to go back and do great things in my organization, and just keeps me wanting to do more for others.

Leia Spoor
Sr Clinical Consultant
at Holmes Murphy & Associates

What keeps me coming back to the summit is content of information. It’s not just about Wellness Programs, or about what Navigate does, but it’s about things I can take back, as an HR leader to my direct employees and associates overall about improving their own lives.

Chris Vaerewyck
Senior Vice President and
Chief Human Resources Officer at Mpower Health

As a new Summit attendee in 2019, I was blown away by the experience that the entire Navigate team had created from beginning to end. It was more than learning, more than sharing and more than a social opportunity or professional development summit alone. It truly was a life experience summit that can translate into both personal and professional capacities to support me at my best self therefore serving others at my very best when I leave.

Haley Prophet

Senior Well-being Specialist at GARMIN

Th Experience
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